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Definition of: TotalitarianismEdit

Totalitarianism is a condition implemented by an autocratic government or system. Regimes that want to create war machines through total war production, military education and the teachings of eugeneics and euthanasia, social darwinism and so on as inherited from the first fascist regimes. It is also a method of intervening into people's everyday lives by pressuring and authoritarianly forcing workers and the populace to work for the good of the state in hard labour without the abilty to protest or complain on the conditions. This may be private or public life, it may not matter the state will maintain authoritarian control over the populace or may even regulate the opinion of the populace by the use of secret police, and domestic espionage to persecute any anti-state defectors.

The use of totalitarianism even though being very oppressive to the extent of reaction, when applied with the use of domestic espionage and secret police, resistance is made almost physically impossible in someways and requires another nation to aid it's downfall as seen in Nazi Germany with the likes of a district system led by the Gestapo secret police, the likes of the Cheka of the Stalinist Soviet Union.