1221 Die Revolution 1848 in Be

1848 Revolution in Berlin

Definition of: Revolution Edit

Asteron Roleplay - Political Dictionary (Completely improvised by factual knowledge provided by SoldierIR10)

(This has been completely improvised from knowledge, those who claim plagiarism on this articule will have to provide sufficient evidence)

Politically, Revolution basically means the complete fundamental transformation of the system or those in power within a state may it be proletarians(working class/socialists) taken power or the bourgeoisie (business-men/capitalists) or may it just be the general populace over a highly oppressive regime such as a totalitarian one. Revolutions are either motivated by the social and living conditions that the majority class of that state are living are horrendous or to the level of not suitable for living. Revolutions can lead to natural reform of cuture, politics and the behaviour of society depending on the system that is introduced. 

Revolutions are not to get confused with 'coup d'etat's' (see military coup), Revolutions are mainly sourced from a large political collective or the nation or states majority class that are inflicted with repression consistently. Therefore revolutions are justisfied as fundamental when the time comes in which repression becomes to hard and too much upon one class that is the majority. Revolutions are made possible by mass movements and "class conciousness" as talked about by Karl Marx (founder of Modern Socialism), it requires a level of harsh conditions to create a mass revolution such as severe poverty and famine being at it's lowest point in which an imminent revolution can occur.