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Peace Talks Go Forward, Until the worst happens.Edit

The Kryturian main leader Henry Derse accepts peace talks with Esterian Military Commissar Indigo Bearings and General-Secretary (Leader) Soldier Collencze, on the afternoon of 24th July 1960 these talks were carried out. The terms had been a compromise that both nations were to agree to a truce and ceasefire. Followed by a debate speaking of the guerrilla forces present in both nations and  about the collaboration with guerrila forces will not be tolerated in the conflict. The meeting was then disrupted when an explosive device went off in Inzatza Road Apartment Complex B talking out the whole alignment of the stairwell. The guerrila forces had then taken upon carrying out a terrorist act within the state of Esteria the capital city Menzia. Esterian Military personnel were sent to investigate however whilst unarmed, were underfire by feral Kryturian bodyguards who were primitive members of the Sylvania Liberation Army, the terrorist force carrying out the attack. All representatives were evacuated in Esterian aircraft to be presented to safety at Mount. Benzfor Esterian Airforce Base.

Esterian Metro ServiceEdit

The Esterian Metro Station has now been completely finished for it's first stop, now residents (citizens) and tourists can board the express metro to the industrial/residential sector and town of Kenetz which has been left just entirely of roads and footpath so in which citizens with a good collection of wealth and aspirations can carry out constructing a factory of the production of their choice or business. Kenetz also gives any new citizens opportunities to set up housing there in which they are able to live from without the city of Menzia. The Metro Tunnel is connected from two points of travel, Menzia Station and Kenetz Station, in future plannings there will be a micro-instalment of small station in the agricultural town just outside of Menzia. 

Terrorist Attack Hits KryturiaEdit

The Sylvanian terrorist organization of the SLA carried out a chemical attack towards the nation of Kryturia, as being a ideological opposite to the nation of Esteria, the Esterian Airforce sent a NBC team to the grounds of Kryturian to carry out an evacuation and cleaning operation as found entirely hazardous to environment maybe leading to inhabitation in the future. The Esterian Government allowed for the motion to be put forward. It has been currently unknown what device was used, who carried out the attack. The clearing has not been finished unfortunately.