Polish Voluntary II Death Squad in Lviv 1920

SS- Einzatzgruppen Death Squad

Definition of: Genocide (Systematic)Edit

Genocide is the organized cleansing or killings of a ethnicity, group or nationality through organized elite militaries known as Death Squads, genocide is normally originated from National Socialism, Fascism, neo-Bolshevism and oligarchical collectivism. Euthanasia can also be referred to as genocide as it is the mass killings of elder or sick people. Most genocide either situates a chamber that then is flooded with hazardous instant death gasings or mass graves in the death squad carries out killings through shooting the group of people dead into the mass grave. This has been used prominantly over the periods of 1930's-1960's over the Nazi Germany regime, Soviet Union, Cambodia's Pol Pot regime, China's one child policy and so on.