Definition of: FeudalismEdit

Feudalism is a system dominent in the 9th and 15th centuries, it was based around structuring society around relationships in the exchange for land and services. In the hierarchy there was the King, the Royals and claimaint, the landlords, the knights and the peasants (serfdom). In Feudalism it was structured through military obligations of three concepts consisting of lords, vassals and fiefs. Vassals are those under ths subordinance and obligations of a Lord to carry out duties for that Lord. A lord is an individual within Feudal society who has been granted authority in the Kingdom he is bound to. A fief is a grant of territory or land that a lord has been prized with the authority over the land, the rents, taxes and serfs (slaves to the land).

Feudalism is mostly situated with early time absolute monarchies and mostly endevoured in constant blind warfare with no political compromise other than just blatant warfare. Feudalism has required warfare to sustain itself financially, to annex territories to expand it's wealth and influence and over time develop into a country in which it naturally moves onto a more advanced system.