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Definition of: ConservatismEdit

Conservatism is the idea of promoting the maintainance and conservation of traditional social institutes and policies. Conservatism withholds neo-classist views, traditionalist views and is opposed to modernism. Progress is normally withheld back under a Conservative government as they wish to maintain old forms of rule, architecture and development. The traditional values that conservatism may want to keep is a Constitutional Monarchy leading as Head as State if the case, the rights of women in which are reduced more than mens, maintaining the idea of the family roles and also ceremonial traditions are encouraged among the populace. 

Conservative economics usually is concentrated on support for the Corporations and the Big Businesses, the tax towards businesses is lower than towards the working class as the formulae to this idea is to tax the working class at a higher rate than business so that businesses can be provided grants in the incentive to create more jobs and workplaces in benefit to the working class. In argument this tactic has failed however is still at use, especially in times of recession or depression conservative governments would wish to implement austerity measures and cuts to public services and health services as a means to somehow 'save the economy'.